Want an easy way to enjoy more natural light and expansive views? A sliding window is the answer. It operates like a sliding door, as the sash effortlessly slides open. Sliding windows are especially popular in homes with more horizontal space than vertical, because of the windows’ side-to-side setup. Our team can build a sliding window to match your tastes and specifications while ensuring excellent insulation and weatherproof construction.   



  • Custom mahogany iroko, African teak, white oak, and more timbers available
  • Custom Mahogany Sash 2 11/16″
  • Available in custom Bronze clad
  • Waterproof adhesive used on all joints
  • Simulated divided lites
  • Heavy duty strike and bolt locking system Interlocking threshold
  • High Efficiency glazing systems to your specifications
  • Custom Mahogany jamb depths to your specifications
  • Custom Mahogany sliding Screens available.

Custom Lift & Slide Windows

Lift & Slide windows offer the ease of operation of a lift slide door in windows where a large opening makes casement or awning operations impractical.
Easily slide the window sash open to expand your space to include all the beauty of the great outdoors, or close the doors without closing the view. Our precision manufacturing processes assure excellent performance over the years. Also available as pocketing sliders.


Custom tilt & Slide Windows

A tilt and slide window is a well engineered european design.
The slider tilt like a hopper but also slides.

Those can slide on a adjacent wall or slide on a lateral fixed window.

The European slider opens similarly to a mini van door.

Inquire about Chablais sliding windows?

Disclaimer: Please contact us for the full spectrum of options available for each opening type. Due to the level of customization possible with our products and the ongoing supplier technology changes, some items may not be available at the time of your order. All text, illustrations, images are proprietary and trademark of CHABLAIS EUROPEAN WINDOWS & DOORS and can not be used without owner authorization.